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Egg Powder Plant

The egg powder is an excellent nutritious food. Eggs drying is an economical method of preservation and also improves the shelf life. The egg powder can be easily stored and transported without refrigeration at room temperature.

Whole egg, egg yolk & white (Albumen) can

be dried in spray dryer. Though egg white and egg yolk powders have different characteristics but can be dried in a single spray dryer. However to avoid contamination separate dryer for each product is recommended.

The eggs are stored in cold storage. The eggs from cold storage are weighed and dirty eggs are sent for washing. Rotten eggs are removed from by candling. The selected and washed eggs are then sent for breaking. Usually manual breaking of eggs is preferred but now a days automated egg breaking machines are available. As killed worker can break 500-800 eggs per hour whereas automated machine can break around 18000 eggs per hour. Separation of Whites from the yolk is important as contamination of yolk in whites affects the quality of final powder.

The powder making process includes homogenization of whole eggs/egg yolks, filtration for removal of membranes and fragments of shell pieces. Pasteurization is done at 64-65 °C with a holding time of 2-4 minutes to ensure the removal of bacteria. After pasteurization the whole egg/ egg yolks are fed to the spray dryer to reduce the moisture in the range of 2-4% and bulk density of 0.3 -0.35 gm/cc.


  • Fast food preparations
  • Ice cream
  • Cake
  • Cookies
  • Noodle
  • Doughnut


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