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Potassium Iodate Plant

Potassium Iodate finds extensive application for the iodisation of salt which is used for dietary requirement. It is also used as a raw material in many industrial applications. In other countries, potassium Iodate is used as source for iodine. Production of potassium is done by electrochemical production in which iodine is dissolved in potassium hydroxide and the potassium iodide so obtained. It is then electrolytically oxidized. Product is cooled till the crystallization occurs that is Potassium Iodate in crystal format. It is followed by Filtration and recycling of mother liquor. Drying is done at the end of the process with low minimum fuel cost.

Potassium-Iodate-Plant Advantages of our technologies:
  • Low capital investment
  • High employment potential
  • Maximum use of local raw materials and manpower resources
  • Adaptable levels of sophistication
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