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Salt Processing Plant

Salt is the common name for the substance sodium chloride (NaCI), which occurs in the form of transparent cubic crystals. In industry salt with its' converted forms such as chlorine, caustic, soda ash are being used in various industries such as petrochemical refining, petro chemistry, organic synthesis , bulk drug and pharmaceutical industries. In consideration of edible salt it should be processed hygienically so as to make it consumable for human being, which raises the need of suitable refining process of salt to meet today's demands such as its purity, color, crystalline nature, particle size distribution and free flowing behaviour.

Process Description:

Vacuum Refining of Salt:

Crude salt from the source is collected in large storage vessels from where the salt is conveyed for grinding it to fines and segregated through a mechanical sieve. Crude salt is then pre-washed and mixed with water in suitable form to form brine solution. Crude Salt is fed through a volumetric belt Feeder for size reduction in presence of brine solution and fed to washing system. Many impurities categorized to soluble and insoluble in water are gathered in washing system which effects in the removal of soluble and insoluble by flotation fromslurry formed in washing system. Make up fresh water is fed at various points of the washing system to keep soluble in permissible limit.
From washing system concentrated slurry is fed to the evaporation system consisting of multi effect evaporators. Water is evaporated from brine using steampowered multiple-effect or electric-powered vapor recompression evaporators.
To achieve the economy of operation, evaporator is operated under vacuum to reduce steam consumption. This increases energy efficiency in the multiple-effect system.
Vapor recompression forced-circulation evaporators consist of crystallizer vessel, vapor compressor and vapor scrubber. As the brine enters in crystallizer vessel, salt cake is precipitated out from crystallizer. Vapor is withdrawn, scrubbed, and compressed for further reuse. The crystallized salt is sent to centrifuge where it is dewatered. There will be formation of cake which will be sent to drier to form crystals of salts.

Features of RAJ Salt Processing Plant:

  • Fully automatic system to ensure smooth and ease of operation.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Optimal space requirement.
  • Carefully selected material of constructions taking into account the product properties.
  • PLC controlled SCADAoperated system


  • Turnkey Plants
  • Manufacturing and Supply of Equipments
  • Engineering and Supervision of Civil and Structural work
  • Process and Detailed Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning and Training
  • After Sales Support


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