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Nutraceutical Powder Plant

Nutraceutical Powder is used by many people of different ages as a food supplement as it has very good nutrition values and milk proteins.

Process Description :

Feed Preparation:

The feed preparation is a simple process which involves mixing of various ingredients in a proper proportion by auto weighing system. The large tanks with agitator arrangement are provided to mix the ingredients. The tanks are also provided with the heating arrangement so as to maintain proper temperature. The feed is homogenized in a specially design homogenizer.



The feed is preheated to temperatures between 75 °C and 120 °C and held for specified time from a few seconds up to several minutes. Preheating causes a controlled denaturation of the whey proteins in the feed and it destroys bacteria, inactive enzymes, generates natural antioxidants and imparts heat stability.

Spray Drying:

The feed is then dried to powder form in a spray dryer. The feed is atomized to fine droplets in a large spray chamber by using either disc atomizer or series of high pressure nozzles. These atomized particles come in contact with hot air and water in it gets evaporated. The feed droplet temperature never reaches the temperature of hot air as it is cooled by evaporative cooling. The dried product is discharge at the bottom of chamber and if required it is passed through instantiser. An instantiser consists of a fluid bed dryer cum cooler. The dried product entrained with the exhaust air is separated in a high efficiency cyclone separator and recycled back to the chamber. The exhaust air is further passed through a wet ventury scrubber for recovering the fines not separated in cyclone. Clean air is then vented to the atmosphere the process air is handled by means of two centrifugal fans. The entire operation of the plant is monitored and controlled through a locally mounted control panel or PLC.

Storage, Mixing and Packing :

The dried powder is stored in storage silos from where they are weighed in auto weighing system and mixed with other dry ingredients in right proportions. The mixture is further weighed and sent in the packing section where it is packed in the required quantity.

Features of RAJ Nutraceutical Powder Plant:

  • Low temperature drying which maintains the qualities of the Nutraceutical Powder.
  • Fully automatic system to ensure smooth and ease of operation.
  • High steam and power economy.
  • Optimal space requirement.
  • Carefully selected material of constructions taking into account the product properties.
  • Complete sanitary design with CIP system
  • PLC controlled SCADAoperated system


  • Turnkey Plants
  • Manufacturing and Supply of Equipments
  • Engineering and Supervision of Civil Structural
  • Process and Detailed Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning and Training
  • After Sales Support
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