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Thermal Desorption Unit

The purpose of this system is to recover the hydrocarbon from the drill cutting mud and from the rig. The mud is fed to the dryer through the feed hopper. The dryer is provided with heavy duty paddles which will churn the material inside. The dryer is provided with external jacket through which hot air generated in hot air generator is passed to heat the material at design temperature. The flue gas coming out from the dryer jacket is recycled back to hot air generator. As the material inside is heated to design temperature the hydrocarbon trapped inside the drill cuttings will evaporate. This vapors generated are passed through the metallic type bag filter which will separate dust particles. The filtered vapors are then passed through the condenser to condense the hydrocarbon vapors. Condensate is collected at the bottom of the condenser. The vapors are further passed through wet scrubber and clean air is exhausted to atmosphere.


The condensate stored in receiver is pumped to the oil water separation unit. The liquid enters the oil-water separator oil and water is separated. The hot water from the condenser is sent to the cooling tower where it is cooled. The total system is handled by means of two centrifugal fans. The system is controlled by locally mounted control panel with automation instruments and safety interlocks for safe running of system.

Features of RAJ Thermal Desorption Plant:

  • High Efficiency
  • Low energy Consumption
  • Simple Construction which is easy to operate
  • Optimal Space Requirement
  • PLC controlled System


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